About Us

M3 focuses on helping their clients to Map a sustainable course to financial self-reliance, Measure the impact of daily financial decisions, and to Mentor proven financial principles! Many of our clients have wondered where the concept of M3 Wealth originated? Why we are so passionate about helping our clients to know where they are going, why they are taking certain paths, and how to get there when others seem to fail. 

Financial Service Professionals

Financial service professionals should be people of the highest character, men and women of integrity and honor. They should be highly educated, trustworthy, loyal, compassionate, generous, and eager to help!

I came from a supportive family where I was encouraged to do my best! I grew up in a time where personal relationships were important--you treated others like you wanted to be treated. Banks, insurance carriers, and other financial companies were trusted advisors. Doing a job well and being passionate about your career was celebrated.

In a world where financial turmoil is commonplace, the stock market is flux, and solid financial principles are becoming extinct, M3 Wealth is promoting financial education. M3 wealth measures the impact of daily decisons, and teaches financial self-reliance!

We focus on more than assets and insurance projects. M3 Wealth is concerned about every facet of your portfolio, your debt, a working budget, emergency savings, college planning, estate planning tools, how to live comfortably in retirement, and more... Let us earn your trust!