Budgeting is a core component in any good Financial Plan! While building a budget is important, learning to live within our means, living on our budget, and getting out of debt are critical to maximize wealth. Most of us have penciled out a budget many times in our lives, however, the important part of building a budget is automating it so we know where we are at any given point in time. Living on our budgets instead of our income requires us to know the problem areas in our budgets and to avoid or steer clear of these "budget breakers." We will probably not overspend at the grocery store (at least not consistently), but things like dining out, entertainment, fast food, and short trips will definitely "throw a wrench in things" if left unchecked. Our budgets need to be automated in in order for them to consistently help us to live within our means.

Keeping up with the Jones'

Keeping up with the Jones' is a very popular, but dangerous game! Sadly, most of us are playing this game without even realizing we are doing it!


Most of us buy things we don't need, with money we don't have, to impress people we don't know or even like!


Living a consumption lifestyle allows us to overindulge and to instantly gratify our wants and desires, without having to even think about the consequences. It promotes impulse buying and teaches us to focus on monthly payments instead of the true cost and the impact of the items we buy!

"Beware of little expenses... A small leak will sink a great ship!"

Benjamin Franklin

Rockefeller Rules

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How are we doing?

  • The average American household has over $13,645 of credit card debt.   
  • Most of us spend less than 5 years at the same job.
  • When we change jobs, we spend our retirement to help us transition.
  • 46% of Americans have less than $10,000 in savings for retirement
  • 21% of 75 year olds still have a mortgage in America

Budgeting Promotes Saving!

Most of us cannot see retirement until we are 55 or older. At 20 years old we have a much better chance of reaching our retirement goals than we do at 55. Start saving now!

Automate your Budget:

In order to know how your budget is affected in "real time" you need to automate your budget. To get started you will need to complete the M3 Comprehensive Budget as outlined above. Then choose one of the providers below to link to your bank account(s), credit card(s), and to set up personalized budget reminders and alerts.

Contact us for help with a working budget! You can become financially self-reliant!

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