Be Prepared for Any Financial Crisis!

Don’t wait for a global pandemic or another financial meltdown to impact your business, do something now to prepare yourself and your business for the future!

Recession-proof your business


COVID-19 Emergency Plan


($350 Billion Approved)

C.A.R.E.S Act Summary

SBA Paycheck Protection Program

-Businesses under 500 employees

-Small Business, 501(c)3 & franchises

-Loans from 2/20 to 6/20/2020

-250% of average monthly payroll

(Employee Comp., vacation, medical leave, group healthcare, and retirement benefits)

-5% to 1% Loan (6 mo’s deferred interest)

-Loan Forgiveness (if used for payroll)

Other C.A.R.E.S Act Programs

 Employee Retention Tax Credit

-Doing business prior to 2020

-Operations suspended/altered

-Decline of at least 50%

-Tax Credit (50% of Employee Wages)

-Max Benefit ($5,000 per employee)

-Not available if SBA PPP used

Social Security Tax Deferral

 -Social Security Tax Deferral

-All Employers eligible

-(ER) can defer (EE) SS Tax Pmts.

-50% by 12/31/21 – 50% by 12/31/22

-Not available if SBA PPP used

-MUST be repaid

Recession-Proof your Business

Take advantage of a strong 2019 before the Corona-Virus impacts your future. Evaluate your debt before your business income and real estate values start dropping. Call M3 Wealth today for a FREE 30 minute debt consultation. Timing is everything, you may be able to save thousands of dollars in monthly payments. Decrease your business risk, and pay-off your loans early to save even more! Start making some of the rules, take control of your future.   

  • Real Estate Loans (SBA & Conventional)
  • Equipment Loans
  • 70% to 100% Financing
  • Operations Loans
  • Lines of Credit (SBA & Conventional)
  • Specialty Programs

We can help expedite your SBA Disaster Loan…

Are you busy trying to keep your business profitable? Do you need help gathering and submitting information to a local bank?  We have great existing lending relationships and the experience to help you secure your place in line today!

Loan Application Checklist:

 Here are the things you need to gather and submit your SBA Payment Protection Loans…


  • SBA Payment Protection Application (SBA Form 2483)
  • Copy 1 Form of Picture ID (Driver’s License or Government ID)
  • W-9 
  • M3 Loan Calculator
  • Borrowers Information (2019):
  • EMPLOYERS - IRS Form 941 (last 4 quarters) or IRS Forms 944 or 940.
  • SOLE PROPRIETORS – IRS Form 1040 and/or Schedule C
  • Payroll/Benefits Information: (January 2019 – December 2019)
  • W2 Wages paid per employee 
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) for each employee
  • Vacation Time paid for each employee
  • Sick or Family Leave for each Employee
  • State and Local Taxes (SUTA) paid on each employee
  • Documentation of Group Health Insurance Plans (employees and owners)
  • Documentation of Retirement Plan Funding paid by Employer
  • Entity Information:
  • Corporation: Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, Certificate of Entity (State)
  • Limited Liability Company: Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement
  • Partnership: Partnership Agrmt, Articles of Asso., Certificate of Limited Partnerrship
  • DBA: Ficticious Business Name Statement
  • Trust: Certificate of Trust or Trust Agreement with Ammendments