Financial Cartography

The M3 Wealth Financial System focuses on learning and implementing proper financial mechanics! We help our individual and corporate clients to map a sustainable course to financial self-reliance, to measure the impact of daily financial decisions, and to mentor proven financial principles. Our Financial Learning Center focuses on the tools and resources needed to initiate change, the financial instruction to understand and embrace these changes, and the ongoing mentoring and support needed to attain financial self-reliance.

While discovering parts of the world, ancient mariners discovered the importance of charting reliable courses to their desired destinations. Like these ancient explorers, the financial guides at M3 Wealth must have extensive knowledge of multiple financial components in order to build an accurate financial map!


"Mapping a sustainable course to financial self-reliance, Measuring the impact of daily financial decisions, and Mentoring proven financial principles."

M3 Wealth Financial Mapping:

Expanding Your Vision:

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Financial Cartographer:

Vision Interview:

The vision Interview is generally 60 minutes! It is designed to outline our unique approach to your finances and to discuss several important financial principles to see if our financial philosophies line up with yours, prior to initiating a working relationship! 

Since most of us will live longer in retirement than we will work, this initial FREE Vision Interview is critically important to building a lasting working relationship.

Mortgage Model:

Savings Model:

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Tax Favored or Tax-Free Accounts:

Roth IRA:

A Roth IRA is a retirement instrument and should not be accessed until you are 59½ to avoid penalties. So, the Roth IRA may be too rigid if you are trying to retire debt early.

Municipal Bonds:

Municipal Bonds are great, unless you are going to purchase a bond every month or even once a year. Muni-Bonds offer tax-free growth, but it gets very tough to track multiple maturities and their varying rates of return, over a 20 or 30-year period of time.

Life Insurance:

Cash Value Life Insurance includes a cost for the insurance and it may take several years for it to catch up to the other investments listed here. However, it is flexible and can be used to retire debt early! In many cases, permanent life insurance can dramatically outperform normal savings and CD rates, even after the cost of insurance is subtracted. However, this is a matter of preference.

Becoming Financially Self-Reliant:

Understanding these concepts and learning how to apply them is the key to becoming financially self-reliant. This makes finding the correct financial advisor or financial guide critically important! A guide who understands how to measure these decisions, one who has walked the path many times before, who can help you to take advantage of your debt, is invaluable! At M3 Wealth building a successful financial map is the start of building a successful financial or estate plan!

Annual Reviews:

One of the most important parts of the Financial Mapping process is discussing and making adjustments to your financial plan. Annual Reviews are an important part of any plan. They allow us to examine where we have been in the past, to understand where we are today, and to better determine where we are going in the future. These reviews give us the opportunity to measure and compare our progress and they provide the passion and drive we need to change or modify our behavior.