Practice Management / Business Consulting

Whether your business or practice is struggling currently or successful, you constantly face difficult challenges and hidden obstacles you need to overcome. The business landscape is ever-changing, whether it’s a housing downturn, a financial meltdown or a global pandemic, hands on consulting experts can give you a leg-up on the competition and can help to catapult your business into unrealized growth and prosperity.

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We have your prescription for financial success!

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“In-House” Business Consulting to maximize your growth and income!

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Measure year over year performance
  • Compare monthly financial indicators
  • Identify trends in your business
  • Facilitate monthly Provider Meetings

Building & Updating Processes:

  • Create accurate job descriptions
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Improve or fix your practice flow
  • Update your Employee Handbook

Designing your Practice’s Culture:

  • Eliminate or change poor attitudes
  • Improve communication
  • Facilitate monthly Staff Meetings

Developing your Office Manage strong

  • Teach them to delegate problems
  • Give them the tools to achieve success
  • Train them to lead your staff
  • Help them to reach their full potential

Are you doing what you've always done and expecting a different result?

Stop the insanity!

Most of us are good at the things we LIKE to do, but we have a hard time admitting there are things we don’t know or understand!

An EXPERT can shorten the learning curve, increase profitability, and help grow your business exponentially!


Practice Management Consulting

Vital Practice Solutions is focused on the success of Medical and Dental practices. Whether you have a struggling practice, a very successful practice you are looking to improve, or you are starting a brand new medical or dental practice from scratch... we can help you to streamline and improve your practice!

Whether you have a struggling business, a very successful business, you are looking to improve or start a new business from scratch... We can help you improve the way you do business!

Practice Management Consulting Model:


Additional Services

Business Partner Transition Documents:

  • 1) Associate Paperwork
  • 2) Partner Buy-In's
  • 3) Compensation/Bonus Modeling

Business Valuations:

  • 1) Business Property
  • 2) Debt Analysis & Review
  • 3) Business Loans and Lines of Credit
  • 4) Business Equipment


Meet the Consulting Team

Practice Management / Business Consulting


Our Purpose:

To help our clients to develop and design their culture, define their mission, create Key Performance Indicators to track and manage sustained growth, to improve communications with staff and customers/clients, establish and refine business processes and operational efficiencies, and help them to improve the “bottom line” of their businesses/practices.


Duane Fugleberg

Founding Partner

Business/Practice Management Consultant
Financial Cartographer – Commercial Lending

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Culture by design, NOT default.
  • Develop/Update business processes
  • Define/Delineate Job Descriptions
  • Develop Financial Key Performance Indicators
  • Staff Training & Motivation
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Increase profitability and grow business
  • Strategic Partnerships & Succession
Katie Davenport

Katie Davenport

Strategic Partner:

Billing & Collection Specialist
CPT & ICD-10 Expert

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Medical/Dental Billing Specialists
  • Certified Medical/Dental Coding
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical/Dental Collections Experts
  • HIPAA Compliant Practices
  • Assistance with Credentialing
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Cost Effective Solutions!

Katie Davenport:

Born and raised in Idaho Falls, Katie grew up in the medical industry. She spent 10 years at Community Care starting while in high school. She worked her way up into Administration where she learned every aspect of that business. After starting her family and adjusting to motherhood, Katie purchased her first billing company in 2006. She has been deeply involved in medical billing/coding ever since. She is passionate about finding ways to increase revenue for offices and providers.
There has never been a single provider she hasn't been
able to locate and recover lost revenue for in her 15 years of doing business. She enjoys helping providers understand the overall business of medicine and allowing them to do what they do best!

Katie has four children and loves to play the piano, watch movies, surf and play games.