Global Economic Issues

Be Prepared for any Financial Crisis!

Don’t wait for a global pandemic or another crisis to trigger a financial meltdown that could impact your business. Do something now to prepare yourself and/or your business for the future!

Recession-Proof your Business with a Customized Emergency Plan

(Take Advantage of Low Rates!)

Loan Application Checklist:

Here are some things you need to gather to restructure your debt…

  • Letter of Explanation (sources and uses of funds)
  • 3 Years - Personal Tax Returns
  • Personal Financial Statement (updated in past 90 days)
  • 3 Years - Business Tax Returns
  • YTD P&L and Balance Sheet
  • YE P&L and Balance Sheet
  • 5 Year Pro-Forma
  • Business Debt Schedule
  • Business Entity Documents
  • Insurance Agent's Contact Information
  • Equipment List (updated in past 90 days)
  • Copy of Purchase & Sale Agreement (if applicable)
  • Copy of Building Appraisal (if applicable)



A Word to the Wise!

Take advantage of a strong economy before the next global crisis impacts your cash flow. Evaluate your debt structure before your income and real estate values are impacted.

Call M3 Wealth today for a FREE 30 minute Debt Consultation. Avoid costly mistakes and increased costs, decrease your business risk, and pay-off your loans early while the economy is strong. Take control of your future!

Types of Loans Available

Real Estate Loans (SBA & Conventional)

Equipment Loans

70% to 100% Financing

Operations Loans

Lines of Credit

Specialty Programs